Travel Dog Bed - Camouflage with Quilted Pink Lining

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The KONA CAVE® Travel Bed is a game changer.

This easily portable, thickly padded travel dog bed is proven to help keep your dog calm, comfy and secure.

Dogs are territorial by nature and crave having their own familiar space for comfort and security. Traveling with their own bed is calming for your pup and helps to relieve the anxiety of being in new or busy places.

Unlike other travel dog mats - which are traditionally thin blanket pads and awkwardly carried with a short handle - the KONA CAVE® Travel Dog Bed is a beautiful, thickly cushioned, folded dog bed, that protects your dog’s joints and is easily carried thanks to comfortable shoulder straps. 

Take your dog with you everywhere you go. Whether you’re in a restaurant, friend's home or outdoors, your dog will always have a comforting, cozy and clean place of their own.

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      • The stylish exterior and functional interior make the KONA CAVE® Travel Bed a fashionable and practical dog accessory
      • Carried like a stylish bag, the Travel Bed opens into a thick, padded bed that your dog will love
      • Thick supportive cushions ensure your dog's maximum comfort and joint protection
      • Vegan-friendly leather shoulder straps are generously sized to be comfortable for all body sizes
      • Toggle closure makes for easy one-handed opening and closing of the Travel Bed
      • Outer pocket for on-the-go essentials
      • Matching Essential Zipper Bags available
      • Light weight and easy to carry
      • Life Hack: KONA CAVE® Travel Mats are great for humans too. They are the perfect accessory for outdoor concerts, sporting events, parks, or any on-the-go activity for which you need a portable seat cushion
      • KONA CAVE® is eco-friendly.  Our Travel Bed covers are made from OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified fabrics.  This means that, at every point in production, these fabrics are safe for the environment, your pet and your home 
      • KONA CAVE® uses only vegan-friendly leather on all of our products
      • KONA CAVE® is ethically produced in Europe with love


  • SMALL:
    Folded: 30cm long x 40cm wide x 7cm thick (12" x 16" x 3")
    Open: 60cm long x 40cm wide x 3.5cm thick (24" x 16" x 1.5")
    Ideal for small to medium sized dogs up to 25 kg (55 lb)

    Folded: 40cm long x 45cm wide x 9cm thick (16" x 18" x 3.5")
    Open: 80cm long x 45cm wide x 4.5cm thick (32" x 18" x 2")
    Ideal for medium to large sized dogs up to 45 kg (110 lb)

    KONA CAVE Designer Dog Bed Sizing Chart - beautiful dog beds for small and large dogs


    • Cover and Lining - OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, premium upholstery fabric - 100% polyester
    • Vegan leather handles and trims - OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified PU / polyester
    • Cushion Inserts - thick, high density, supportive foam
      • Outer fabric is semi-stain resistant; simply wipe spots clean before they have a chance to set into fabric
      • Remove cushion cover and hand or machine wash on cold
      • Wash with a mild detergent on the gentle cycle
      • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents
      • Stretch cover back into shape before air drying
      • Hang to dry

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Not sure what size dog bed will be most comfortable for your dog? Let us help you decide with some breed recommendations, based on weight and how your dog likes to sleep.


Diagram showing an illustration and measurements of the Snuggle Cave Bed by KONA CAVE®

Travel Dog Beds

Not sure what size travel dog bed will be most comfortable for your dog? Let us help you decide with some breed recommendations, based on weight and how your dog likes to sleep 
We hope you find these suggestions helpful, but no one knows your dog better than you. Think about their sleeping habits, do they like to curl up into a small space or stretch out and own the couch?  By observing how your pup likes to sleep, it will help you decide on which dog bed style and size is right for you.
Unsure if your dog will love a Snuggle Cave Bed?
Here is a list of breeds who we know love the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed. When in doubt, we recommend sizing up to ensure your dog's ultimate comfort. 
Still unsure?  Email us at and we'll be happy to help you make a decision.