The KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed was designed by Kristen Geldermann, a former executive at Polo Ralph Lauren, who was inspired to design her own dog bed after not being able to find a high-quality dog bed that met all her dog’s natural sleeping needs.

Kristen’s dog Kona, loved to sleep under blankets, lean against pillows and scratch and fluff his sleeping pillow before laying down.  When Kristen moved to Germany, Kona was no longer allowed to sleep in the people’s bed and she was unable to find a dog bed that offered Kona all the sleeping comforts that he needed: a snuggly cover, supportive sides to lean against and a pillow he could fluff before lying down.  In addition, the bed needed to be high-quality and look great in their designer apartment.

Out of options, Kristen applied her fifteen plus years of fashion and luxury retail experience into designing the perfect bed for Kona.  After extensive research on canine sleeping instincts, endless cave bed design prototypes and more than two years of intensive testing, the patented Snuggle Cave Bed was realized.

Finally, a dog bed that fulfills all of Kona’s sleeping instincts and looks great too.

Since then, the full range of KONA CAVE® products has grown to include unique pet bed designs, orthopedic mattresses, pet blankets and interiors, dog collars and leashes, dog toys, dining dishes and the very popular Doggy Décor Sets.

Pets love us

  • We design pet beds that your pet actually WANTS - secure, soft, and luxurious... with maximum snuggling potential.
  • We design beds that your pet actually NEEDS - catering to their natural sleeping instincts, offering security and support when they sleep, and providing protection from cold, hard floors.
  • We have rigorously tested our pet beds with Kona and his friends. We have obsessively observed their patterns and rest tendencies in order to optimize our designs for their ultimate comfort.
  • Our beds cater to your pet's ultimate comfort and ensure proper joint support to help them live a happier and healthier life. 

You will love us too


All KONA CAVE® bed designs are high-quality, sophisticated and most importantly, comfortable. Our goal is to make brilliant and cozy pet beds that actually look good in your home.
  • We choose only high-quality, OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified premium upholstery fabrics which are not harmful to pets or the environment, look beautiful in your home and are soft and durable for your dog.
  • We offer matching dog-friendly home interiors to complement your KONA CAVE® lifestyle. 
  • All fabric covers are machine washable so both your home, and your dog smell lovely.

Our love is in the details

  • We are passionate about quality.
  • All KONA CAVE® products are ethically handmade in Europe by our family of artisans.
  • Pillow fillings are just right! We tested a lot of different fill capacities to ensure that the cushions are perfect for your pet. 
  • Bed cushions are filled with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified siliconized polyester.  
    • The siliconized polyester is dust and allergen resistant and the OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certification ensures that the fillings are not harmful to your dog or the environment.
  • We use only vegan friendly leather on our products.
  • Seams, zippers and straps are reinforced for strength and durability.
  • KONA CAVE® offers matching pet-friendly home interiors to complement your KONA CAVE® lifestyle. 
  • We love designing all the important details that make our beds special and your pets happy.