Cave Dog Bed (Brown Herringbone)

Does your dog like to snuggle under the covers or lie under furniture?  If so, he is telling you that he craves the comfort and security of his natural sleeping environment.

Dogs are den animals and crave the security of their sleeping den or cave.  Dogs want to be able to prepare, or fluff their sleeping spot or cushion, they prefer to lean against something for support, and they desire a protective cover or “cave” when they sleep. 

Our patent protected Snuggle Cave Beds provide your dog with his ultimate natural sleeping environment - while looking stylish and beautiful in your home!

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    • Cave Bed is made of two stylish bed components: a beautiful bolster bed and an attractive attachable cave cover
    • Cave opening is sturdy and stays open in the front, while the back of the cave rests flat like a blanket, giving your pup that under-the-covers snuggle feeling
    • Innovative back air vent keeps fresh air circulating even while your dog is deep under the covers
    • Convenient and attractive side carrying handles make moving this bed simple and easy
    • Double-sided mattress cushion lets you choose between soft Sherpa fur or matching bolster fabric
    • Cave top zips off easily, leaving a beautiful bolster bed
    • Made in Europe with love
  • Illustration of Kona Cave Snuggle Cave Dog Bed. What is a Cave Dog Bed?
  • SMALL: 55cm x 65cm x 20cm (21.5" x 26" x 8")
    Center mattress measures 45cm x 55cm (18" x 22")
    Cave opening is 40cm (16”) high from floor
    Best for dogs up to 10kg (22 lb)

    MEDIUM: 75cm x 85cm x 25cm (29.5" x 33.5" x 10")
    Center mattress measures 65cm x 75cm (26" x 30")
    Cave opening is 55cm (22”) high from floor
    Best for dogs up to 20kg (44 lb)

    LARGE: 75cm x 105cm x 30cm (29.5" x 41.5" x 12")
    Center mattress measures 65cm x 95cm (26" x 37.5")
    Cave opening is 65cm (26”) high from floor
    Best for dogs up to 40kg (88 lb)

    Dog Bed Size Chart_Kona Cave Snuggle Cave Dog Beds
    • Covers - Oeko-Tex® certified high-grade upholstery fabrics, 100% polyester
    • Linings - Sherpa fleece fur, soft polyester
    • Leather trims - Oeko-Tex® certified  leatherette
    • Inner cushions - filled with Oeko-Tex® certified, dust and allergen resistant, siliconized polyester
    • Cover fabric is semi-stain resistant; simply wipe spots clean before they have a chance to set into fabric
    • Remove covers and machine wash up to 30 ˚C (cold). We recommend sensitive mild soaps on the gentle cycle
    • Do not use bleach or harsh detergents
    • Hang to dry
    • Inner cushions are washable to 30 ˚C (cold), dry on low heat
    • We recommend pet hair removal with a lint roller or vacuum brush attachment

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