British short haired cat sleeps inside a cat caveTwo tabby cat toms share a luxury pink velvet cat cave bedPersian cat sleeps inside a covered cat cave bed

Cats Love Us Too!


Cats are independent and crave the privacy and security of a sleeping cave.

The KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed provides your cat the ultimate sense of privacy and security while the supportive side bolsters and fluffy center mattress give them the comfort they deserve.

The KONA CAVE® cave cover stays open in the front, providing easy entry and exit, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back – purr-fect for cats who like to snuggle under things. For cats who prefer a roomier cave, the rear of the cave top can also be pushed back, providing more space.

Unlike traditional cat caves, the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave has a soft yet stable structure that is specifically designed to stay upright, with no possibility of the bed rolling or flipping over. Additionally, the air opening in the rear of the bed ensures fresh air at all times, keeping your cat safe.

During the warmer months, the cave cover zips-off easily giving your cat a beautiful and cozy open bed.

KONA CAVE® gives your cat:

SECURITY - The Snuggle Cave cover provides your cat their ultimate sense of security and comfort. The cave cover stays open in the front, providing easy entry, while the soft cave top drapes down at the back snuggling your cat.

SUPPORT - Unlike traditional cat caves, the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave has a soft yet stable structure that is specifically designed to stay upright, with no possibility of the bed rolling or flipping over.  This keeps your cat safe and secure.

SAFETY - The unique back air opening not only helps to regulate the temperature inside the cave by providing air circulation, it keeps your cat SAFE by ensuring fresh air at all times. 

SHAPE - The extra comfy separate center mattress allows your cat to paw their pillow to the purr-fect SHAPE.

KONA CAVE® Bolster Beds and cozy Home Accessories are ideal for cats too!

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What Do My Pets Sleeping Habits Tell Me?

No one knows your dog better than you. Observe their sleeping habits, do they like to snuggle under the covers or into blankets and pillows? Do they like to curl up when they sleep? Do they like to stretch out?

If they like to take up lots of room when they sleep, or they twist and turn and move around whilst dreaming the night away, you might want to size up. If your dog likes to sleep curled up, they should have plenty of room in the recommended size bed for their weight. Pay attention to the cave opening height measurement, as particularly tall dogs might like a larger size.

Terrier and hunting breeds are especially happy in small covered spaces. The KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Dog Bed fulfills all their natural sleep instincts.

Dimensions of the Snuggle Cave Bed

Dimensions of the KONA CAVE<sup>®</sup> Snuggle Cave Bed

Dimensions of the Bolster Bed

KONA CAVE® Bolster Bed Dimensions

Bed Sizes by Dog Breed

In addition to cats, the following dog breeds love the KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Bed

Best for cats & dogs up to 10kg (22 lb)
Best for dogs up to 20kg (44 lb)
Best for dogs up to 40kg (88 lb)
Bichon Frise
Brussels Griffon
Chinese Crested
Dachshund (Mini)
French Bulldog (Small)
German Spitz (Small)
Italian Greyhound
Jack Russell Terrier
Japanese Spitz
Miniature Pinscher
Poodle (Toy, Mini)
Portuguese Podengo (Mini)
Terrier Family:
Australian, Border, Boston, Brazilian, Cairn, Fox, Norfolk, West Highland, Rat (Mini), Yorkshire, etc.
Border Collie
Bull Dog
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
Dachshund (Standard)
Danish Swedish Farmdog
French Bulldog (Standard)
German Spitz (Medium-Large)
Griffon (Small Breeds)
Miniature Bull Terrier
North American Shepherd
Parson Russell Terrier
Portuguese Podengo (Medium)
Rat Terrier (Standard)
Scottish Terrier
Shiba Inu
Afghan Hound
Australian Shepard
Basset Hound
Bull Terrier (Standard)
Doberman Pinscher
Greyhound Family:
Hungarian,Saluki, Sloughi, Spanish, etc.
Griffon (Medium/Large Breeds)
Hounds (Large Breeds)
Pit Bull Terrier
Portuguese Podengo (Large)
Staffordshire Bull Terrier
Standard Poodle
Water Dogs

Sizing Tips