How to assemble your Snuggle Cave Bed when it arrives

1.  Make sure the locking zipper pull is pushed firmly back and down into lock position.  This will ensure that the cave top is attached properly.  (See illustration below.)
2. Find the hidden support tube channel opening inside the cave entrance.
3. Insert the cave support tube completely until you cannot see the tube.
4. Push down on the top of the cave tube channel to reshape the cave into a beautiful arch.


Remember, our patented Snuggle Cave is designed to stay open in the front and to lie down on the back of the bed to snuggle your pet like a blanket. If you want the back of the cave to stay up, we have a hack. ;-D 
Additional support tubes are available HERE to place in the back of the canopy to hold the cave top off of the bed. 


Watch our Assembly Video below



 Check out how the locking zipper works here:

how to assemble your KONA CAVE® snuggle cave bed and lock the zipper
If you have further questions regarding assembly of your KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Dog Bed, email us at