Doggy Décor Set - Graphite Grey Velvet with Faux Fur

The KONA CAVE® Home Accessory Collection is the ultimate in pet-friendly décor. 

The Doggy Décor Set is the best of the best:  a cozy plush blanket designed to allow your pup their place on the furniture, a matching decorative pillow cover and an adorable toy bone. 

The KONA CAVE® Furniture Blanket is the perfect addition to the stylish, dog-friendly home. This beautiful fully-lined blanket can be used to enhance the coziness of your pet's KONA CAVE®, as a decorative and protective blanket for your furniture, or as a comforting travel companion for your dog. 

Two matching pillow covers provide a beautiful and stylish update for your home interior while complementing your pet's furniture.  

And of course, every doggy loves our adorable KONA CAVE® Plush Toy Bone.

(Set and Save:  the KONA CAVE® Doggy Décor Set has a €221 value when purchased separately.)

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    • Included in the KONA CAVE® Designer Doggy Décor Set:
      • KONA CAVE® "Furniture" Blanket
        • Our high-quality plush blankets, made with premium KONA CAVE® fabrics, are the perfect addition to the stylish, pet-friendly home 
        • Blanket are fully lined with elegant KONA CAVE® fabric on the exterior and beautifully soft faux fur on the interior, making them thick and cozy
        • High-quality box-edge construction creates a quilted border around the blanket, giving it structure and padding
        • Decorative and functional ‘X’ design in the center of the blanket creates 4 large quilted panels making the blanket extra soft and cozy and ensuring it keeps its shape beautifully
        • Blankets are ideal for:  
              • Enhancing the coziness of your pet's bed:  The blanket gives your pet an extra warm and snuggly sleeping layer, especially during cold winter months and has the added bonus of protecting your pet's bed from hair and dirt, reducing the need for frequent bed washing.
              • Protecting and decorating furniture:  The blanket not only gives your pet their designated space on furniture, but also protects your furniture from pet hair and dirt. The practical two-sided blanket ensures that you and your dog always know which side is for your pup and which side opens onto your furniture, keeping dog hair on your furniture to a minimum.
              • Comforting travel companion: Dogs are comforted by familiar smell, having their own blanket with them when they travel gives them security and soothes them when they are nervous. Blankets can be used in cars, kennels, pet bags, etc.
      • KONA CAVE® Decorative Pillows - 2 pillow covers (pillow fills not included)
        • Decorative throw pillows, made from beautiful KONA CAVE® fabrics, are a lovely way to update any room and integrate your pet bed into your home interior
      • KONA CAVE® Plush Dog Toy Bone
        • Treat your furry loved one to a beautiful and plush toy bone that will offer hours of stylish fun
        • Made of the same elegant fabric as our beds and home accessories, these toy bones are a lovely complement to the KONA CAVE® lifestyle 
    • The KONA CAVE® Doggy Décor Set is eco-friendly.  Our blanket exteriors, pillow covers and toy dog bones are OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified fabrics.  This means that, at every point in production, these fabrics are safe for the environment, your pet and your home
    • Ethically made in Europe with love
      • Furniture Blanket (Large) - 128 x 94 cm (50.5" x 37")
      • Pillow Covers - 47 x 47cm (18.5 x 18.5") - fits standard sized (50cm / 20") pillow fills - pillow fills not included
      • Dog Bone Toy - measures 22 x 12 x 4 cm
      • Blanket exterior, Pillow Cover and Toy Bone fabric: OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 Certified, premium fabric - 100% polyester
      • Blanket lining: Premium Faux Fur - 100% acrylic
        • Please note:  The KONA CAVE® Faux Fur Collection is a luxury line and therefore requires more sensitive use and care
        • Machine wash on gentle cycle
        • Wash on cold only- caution: washing in warm water will change the texture of faux fur
        • Use a mild detergent
        • Do not use bleach
        • Hang to dry
        • Do not tumble dry
        • Do not iron

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        Australian Shepard
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        Doberman Pinscher
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        Griffon (Medium/Large Breeds)
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        Pit Bull Terrier
        Portuguese Podengo (Large)
        Staffordshire Bull Terrier
        Standard Poodle
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