KONA CAVE®'s patent protected Snuggle Cave Beds are specially designed dog beds that fulfill all of your dog's natural sleep needs.
KONA CAVE® Luxury Dog Bed Patent Protected to give your dog the best nights sleep

Pre-domesticated dogs were den animals, and in the wild they preferred to sleep in caves, or under an overhang for protection. Their instincts were to scratch the ground to create a softer floor for comfort, sleep with their back against a wall or other protective surface, and to choose a secure, covered space for protection.

Modern day dogs have retained a number of their ancestor's sleep instincts.   
Only KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Beds are specially designed to cater to these instinctual sleep needs.  Our beds have a removable soft center mattress (ideal for fluffing by your dog), supportive bolster bed sides (ensuring support and comfort) and a soft and cozy cave cover (for ultimate protection)  fulfilling all your dog’s natural sleep needs. Additionally, the cave top stands open in the front for easy entry and lays flat along the back of the bed to snuggle your dog like a blanket. The unique air vent in the back of the bed ensures that your pup has fresh air at all times.
If your dog likes to sleep under the covers, he will love this bed!
Not only do KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Beds nurture all your dog’s sleep instincts, they are hand crafted with beautiful fabrics, and vegan leather details, to look beautiful in your home.
All KONA CAVE® dog beds are filled with Öko-Tex Certified® pillow fills, meaning they are allergy and dust resistant.


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