KONA CAVE® Snuggle Cave Dog Bed - illustration of the benefits of a cave dog bed. Patent Protected.


KONA CAVE®is a designer dog interior and lifestyle company, with a new way of thinking.  We believe you should not have to compromise the aesthetic of your home interior for your dog’s comfort.  We design beautiful, modern, and fashionable dog beds and interiors, with sophisticated fabrics, that complement your home décor. In addition, we have sophisticated and practical Travel Dog Beds and Dog Accessories which are essential for the fashionable dog and owner.  Our products make you and your dog happy.

KONA CAVE's original Snuggle Cave Bed is patent protected and caters to a dog's natural denning sleep instincts, providing complete comfort and security for your dog while looking great in your home.  Our indispensable Travel Dog Bed ensures your dog’s comfort and peace of mind anywhere he/she goes.  All KONA CAVE® products are handmade in Europe with the highest quality materials. 

Our designer, a former longtime Polo Ralph Lauren executive, was inspired to design her own dog beds after not being able to find a high quality and good looking dog bed that met her dog, Kona’s, natural sleep needs. After extensive research, endless design prototypes and two years of intensive testing, the original patent protected KONA CAVE Snuggle Cave Bed was realized.

Kristen now focuses her extensive luxury, fashion and style know-how into creating high-quality, innovative, and stylish dog products that look beautiful in your home.  Her passion and dedication to elegance and quality are evident in every detail of KONA CAVE® lifestyle dog products.